Temporal Power and Danfoss work together to develop world-class energy storage solutions

The joint collaboration between Temporal Power and Danfoss delivers a high-tech power conversion solution for energy storage and grid conditioning that Temporal will install with its new flywheel installations.

- Friday, November 11, 2016 By Danfoss

Temporal Power, a Canadian, privately-owned company based in Mississauga, Ontario designs and manufactures high-performance Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS) for use around the world. Flywheels can store energy by being sped up, and inject energy as they slow down.

Temporal Power’s energy storage system, which uses an all-steel flywheel in combination with a magnetic bearing system, is positioned as the highest energy commercially available flywheel in the world, and is used to improve grid stability and lower operating costs by efficiently balancing energy on power grid.

Temporal FESS address a number of existing and emerging grid stability issues by delivering rapid response and exceptional dynamic performance. Historic grid management challenges are being amplified by the addition of large amounts of renewable generation which can deliver big variations in energy supply. Energy storage systems are an effective way of maintaining a stable supply.

The flywheel-motor/generator operates with a high switching frequency and extended speed range, all while the system supplies very high dynamic performance from storage (motoring) to energy injection (regeneration). The joint collaboration delivers superior performance in a modular design, leveraging Danfoss’ proven VACON® power conversion system drives. Danfoss can offer both air-cooled and liquid-cooled solutions with high speed EtherCAT fieldbus communications to support the most demanding applications. The Power Conversion Solution is supplied in a turnkey fashion within a weatherproof outdoor enclosure for ease of shipping, installation, security, and expansion. This modular solution approach means that storage capacity can be expanded as the customer’s needs evolve. Temporal will be using the collaborative solution at its new installations in Ontario and Aruba.

“Temporal Power’s leadership in high-cycle performance, innovative design, proven and economical operation, and focus on environmental stewardship were in strong alignment with Danfoss,” said Heikki Hiltunen, senior vice president, global sales, marketing and aftermarket sales, Danfoss Drives. “Clean Energy is a rapidly emerging global market and we see significant opportunity in working with Temporal Power in the future.”

“Our combined solution delivers on the promise of reliable and efficient performance, longevity, and expandability to meet the current and future needs of our customers,” stated Eric Murray, president and CEO of Temporal Power. “We are excited about joining our technologies and partnering with a world class organization that has strong global coverage and support, and the trusted reputation of Danfoss.”

About Temporal Power Ltd.:
Temporal Power is a Canadian-based and privately owned company that designs, manufactures and deploys high-performance energy storage systems around the world. The Temporal Power system uses an all-steel flywheel in combination with magnetic bearings; positioning it as the highest energy flywheel in the world. Temporal Power flywheels are used to improve power quality and lower costs by more accurately balancing energy on power systems. Today, Temporal Power, partnering with world leading equipment and engineering firms, is deploying megawatt scale systems and is supported by major investors such as Enbridge Inc. and Lakebridge Capital Inc.



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