Danfoss introduces a new definite-purpose medium-voltage drive solution

MV3000-738x415 The new VACON® 3000 enhances the existing Danfoss portfolio of low- and high-power AC drives by offering a robust, reliable easy-to-integrate solution for medium-voltage applications.

- Monday, December 19, 2016 By Danfoss Drives

Danfoss, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency components and controls for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, industrial and water systems, and a leader in AC-drives technology, has introduced the VACON® 3000  a brand-new modular drive solution that brings high performance to medium-voltage (MV) applications.

Medium-voltage drive solutions are ideal for applications in segments such as Mining, Marine, Oil and Gas, Energy and Metals. Within these segments, you will find similar applications and similarly driven equipment as in the low-voltage (LV) drives market, but those that have a greater need for power, or where long motor cables are required in the application. These applications are, amongst others, propulsion, pumps, blowers, fans, conveyors, ball mills, compressors, extruders, mixers, centrifuges, excavators, test stands and soft starters for large DOL motors.

In these segments, energy-saving awareness is also growing, which increases the use of both LV drives and MV drives.

The VACON® 3000 is a modular drive solution that is designed to meet the specific needs of industrial applications with motor voltages of 3300 or 4160 Volts. It enables the complete customization of the enclosure to serve the unique needs of a variety of applications, including those with limited space and in harsh conditions. It is currently available in a power range between 2 MW and 6 MW.

As an easy-to-integrate drive solution, the VACON® 3000 features:

  • Simple to build in, easy-to-handle inverter units that are compact, robust, and liquid-cooled  making the VACON® 3000 ideal for adverse ambient conditions. Single-phase modules with a grounded heatsink simplify the solution’s serviceability as no deionized cooling water is necessary
  • Flexible front-end configuration options, including a diode front-end (DFE)-based 12-pulse configuration, and an active front end (AFE) option for regenerative braking and low harmonics
  • A familiar, fully graphical user interface (the same one as the VACON® 100 INDUSTRIAL drive) for faster setup and use, and with the latest technology built in and a wide choice of control options
  • Passive components for the drive system, including L, C and common mode filters for AFE variants, DC chokes for 12-pulse variants and output dU/dt and sine filters
  • A simplified pre-charge unit design: a compact solution for space-sensitive applications that needs no pre-charging resistors and limits the inrush current for fast, safe start-up

Basic configurations have a power of 2 MW or 3 MW. To provide the user and system integrator with design flexibility, those configurations can be paralleled for systems of 4 MW and 6 MW.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the VACON 3000. This solution goes beyond the common pre-
packaged medium-voltage drive products on the market today and provides a modular, fully customizable, high-value solution for system integrators and OEMs,” explains Dan Isaksson, head of medium-voltage drives at Danfoss. “As a leader in AC drives, Danfoss has now expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of reliable drives solutions – including definite-purpose drives tailored to meet application- and segment-specific needs. With this product, system integrators can better serve the needs of our end-user customers.”

Partnerships yield individual solutions and optimal service
In order to achieve the system customization required by unique customer solutions, Danfoss will work closely with experienced system partners in a highly specialized Medium Voltage Partner network – the MVP Program. This ensures that customers receive high-quality systems that meet specific system design requirements, as well as the highest levels of support in planning, construction, commissioning, and maintenance.

Danfoss also supplies ready-made cabinet design templates for partners, allowing them to provide deeper system integration than ever before.

Danfoss provides this reference cabinet design to partners for use as a template for their designs. It utilizes the VACON® 3000 concept to create a compact and service-friendly medium-voltage drive solution. Based on the Rittal TS8 enclosure system, it ensures that components are globally available. Dedicated variants for IEC and UL markets are available, based on the same concept.



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