VLT® PHD-102 Preferred Harmonic Design

  • Dedicated HVAC Drive Solution

    The VLT® PHD-102 Preferred Harmonic Design (PHD) is a full-featured, HVAC dedicated drive solution when conformance to IEEE-519 is required, even at the drive terminals. The PHD-102 has a number of functions developed to meet the diverse needs of HVAC applications and is the most practical solution to address growing harmonic concerns in the HVAC industry.

  • Overview

    Meets the most stringent IEEE-519 levels down to 60% load at panel terminals

    • Delivers enhanced ThiD and Power Factor performance across the typical operating range
    • Exceeds IEEE-519 THvD requirements
    Includes generator friendly features

    ƒƒImproves performance versus existing harmonic solutions
    • Delivers greater unit efficiency
    • Produces less heat
    • Provides better harmonic performance in a smaller package

  • Features

    • Better overall harmonic performance
    • Robust single enclosure
    • Modular design utilizing standard VFDs
    • Dedicated HVAC functionality
    • Utilizes Danfoss VLT HVAC drive
    • Units available with the following options:
      • Fused or CB disconnect
      • Bypass or non bypass
      • Softstart bypass
      • dV/dt output filter

    Product range

    3 x 480 V . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5 – 600 HP
    3 x 600 V . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5 – 650 HP
    With 110% overload torque

    Larger power sizes and alternate
    enclosure ratings are available upon
    request. Please consult factory.

    Enclosure ratings

    • ƒNEMA 1
    • ƒƒNEMA 12
    • ƒƒNEMA 3R

    Wall mount units to 75 HP
    Floor mount above 75 HP

    OSHPD Pre-Approval

    All units available with Special Seismic Certification and OSHPD Pre-Approval for ease of review by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

    Application options

    A wide range of integrated HVAC options come standard in the HVAC PHD panel, including damper control, common start/ stop, auto bypass, and fire mode.

    Fieldbus Communication

    Unit comes standard with built-in fieldbus protocols and with optional communication protocols.

    External 24 VDC supply (MCB 107)

    24 VDC external supply can be added to facilitate drive communication when main power is disconnected.

    Power options

    A wide range of external power options are available for the VLT® PHD-102 Preferred Harmonic Design solution:

    • ƒƒFused or Circuit Breaker Disconnect
    • ƒƒNon Bypass
    • ƒƒ3 Contactor Bypass
    • ƒƒSoftstarter Bypass
    • ƒƒdV/dt output filters for motor insulation protection

    Harmonic Performance

    • THID <5% above 60% load
    • ƒƒTHVD <1.6% with <5% voltage line imbalance
    • ƒƒCos Phi power factor = near unity
    • ƒƒDistortion power factor >.98 at loads >50%

    Software downloads

    • MCT 10 Ideal for commissioning and servicing the drive
    • ƒƒVLT® Energy Box Comprehensive energy analysis tool, shows the drive payback time
    • ƒƒMCT 31 Harmonic analysis tool

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