DrivePro® programs

  • Drive Coverage Programs

    When emergency response threatens your budget Danfoss DrivePro® Coverage programs provide the solution

    Given the rigors and challenges faced in today’s facilities, even the best performing VFDs need protection. Combining the reliability of Danfoss products with professional and effective DrivePro® service ensures maximum up-time and eliminates unplanned expenses. DrivePro® coverage programs offer the comfort of knowing Danfoss takes responsibility for supporting Danfoss products well into the future.

    • Industry’s longest coverage, up to ten years
    • 24/7 factory technical phone support
    • One call, one single point of contact
    • Certified factory and local technicians
    • Original equipment replacement parts


  • DrivePro® Extended Warranty

    DrivePro Extended Warranty (EW) extends the standard warranty up to six years. Product failures due to defects in materials or workmanship are covered, Depot (Standard) Repair EW covers the replacement parts and repair labor costs. Onsite EW additionally covers travel costs of repairing products onsite. Exchange Warranty (EX) covers the shipment of a replacement product to the site. EX is available for periods up to 5 years on select products.

    DrivePro® Service Contract

    DrivePro Service Contract (SC) begins where the warranty leaves off. SC coverage periods of 1 to 3 years are available for many Danfoss Drive products nearing the end of the standard warranty or extended warranty. Most products can be covered until they are 10 years old. Both Depot repair and Onsite versions of SC coverage are available. A performance inspection service is available to validate the eligibility for SC coverage of products with expired standard or extended warranties.

    DrivePro®-tection Extended Warranty and Service Contract

    A unique Danfoss offering, DrivePro-tection offers the additional comfort of coverage for many types of accidental damage. Depot repair or Onsite DrivePro-tection coverage of most products is available for the same periods as standard EW or SC. In addition to product defect and normal-wear coverage, DrivePro-tection coverage provides coverage for the following:

    • Line anomalies – including lightning strikes
    • Load anomalies
    • Accidental exposure to moisture or corrosives 
    • Accidental collision or other physical damage 

    Product misapplication, vandalism, natural or facility disasters, chronic problems due to the installation environment and shipping damage are not covered.


  • Drive Replacement Programs

    Higher performance. Increased up-time. Healthier budget.
    DrivePro® replacement programs are tailored to meet your organizational budget and operational needs. Danfoss offers both quick-shipment and turn-key solutions for replacing aging drives that are no longer economical to repair. Replace old equipment and increase the reliability and effectiveness of your variable speed systems by leveraging the newest drive product features.

    Why standardize on Danfoss Drive products?

    • Improve ongoing system operation and support.
    • Reduce energy costs by upgrading to the latest Danfoss technology
    • Save replacement costs and minimize changes to existing installations with pre-engineered adapter kits which allow for reuse of existing panel options and enclosures.
    • Quick replacement by local drive service professionals.



  • DrivePro® Exchange — Quick-Ship

    Cost efficient alternative to repair downtime 

    Does your drive need repair, but you can’t afford the downtime to take it out of service? Then the DrivePro® Exchange - Quick-Ship service offers exactly the solution you need:

    the speedy exchange of a failed unit to a new or refurbished unit of the same type.
    DrivePro® Exchange - Quick-Ship replacements are the perfect alternative to continued
    investment in repair and maintenance of older drive products.

    DrivePro® Exchange supports rapid replacement of existing drives including:

    • Same day shipment of most common drive and bypass panel configurations
    • Next day, 2nd day or Ground shipment available
    • Optional extended and enhanced warranties available
    • Adapter parts to install replacement drives on legacy panel assemblies are available
    • Removal of the existing drive and installation and Start-up service by local Danfoss certified Service technician is available


      DrivePro® Retrofit — SmartStep

      Strategic replacement for best productivity
      DrivePro® Retrofit - SmartStep is a comprehensive plan for coverage and retrofit of a larger population of aging drive products. Your existing products are assessed to determine the practical remaining service life and scheduled for replacement in order of priority to minimize the risk of downtime. Retrofits are typically completed over a 3 to 5 year period, based on your operational needs and budget. In the event of an early failure of an existing drive, the retrofit is prioritized to provide immediate system repair.

      DrivePro® Retrofit - SmartStep can be customized to meet a wide range of service needs. Drive retrofits can be scheduled evenly over the contract period or varied to best meet system performance and annual budget requirements. Retrofit - SmartStep coverage may be upgraded to include: removal of existing equipment, installation ofreplacement products, include travel costs, or DrivePro-tection accidental damage.

      DrivePro® Retrofit - SmartStep Advantages:

      • Simplify ongoing operation and ensure long-term reliability with a single brand of drive products.
      • Existing and replacement drive products are covered by a service contract over the entire contract period, ensuring prompt repair or retrofit in the event of a failure.
      • Security of a retrofit and support contract through Danfoss, a company you trust.
      • Coverage may be extended after the scheduled replacement period.
      • Stabilize maintenance and replacement budgets for the entire length of your contract by combining costs into annual payments.
      • Fixed payments over the course of the plan also provide a hedge against inflation.


    • Ensure optimal performance with
      DrivePro® professional services & spare parts

      The expected lifecycle of an AC drive is long and contains diverse phases, each with different characteristics and requirements. From engineering and dimensioning for a new installation through procurement, delivery and installation to the long usage phase, all activities contribute to the value chain and product’s lifecycle. DrivePro® services have been designed to maximize the benefits by improving overall efficiency and profitability, and minimize the operational costs of the Danfoss AC-drive solution in any application or industry segment.


    • DrivePro® Start-up

      Professional start-up service performed by certified DrivePro® technicians ensure that customers realize the maximum benefits of their Danfoss drive products. Variable speed system utilization and efficiency are optimized. Drive service life is maximized. Unplanned project delays and expenses are eliminated. Danfoss authorized service providers have the training / experience to program drives for today’s application challenges and Danfoss stands behind the start-up work they perform when dispatched from the factory.

      View the professional services flyer above for details.

      DrivePro® Spare Parts

      To save precious time in critical situations and extend the lifetime of your drives, ensure you are equipped with original DrivePro® Spare Parts. Danfoss Drives offers selected assortments to meet your exact requirements. Danfoss genuine replacement parts are available for most Danfoss drives, panels and related products currently produced as well as many legacy Danfoss products. Use of replacement parts specified by the factory ensures optimal drive product performance and maximum product life. The Danfoss online product configurator backed by friendly and proficient DrivePro customer service personnel provides quick identification of the proper replacement part. Danfoss parts inventories ensure quick-delivery in most cases, minimizing customer downtime.

      DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance

      Preventive maintenance is available to suit specific drive application demands and environmental challenges. While minimal maintenance is required for many drive installations, drives applied in highly demanding applications or harsh environments will benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance by a professional drives technician.

      • Cleaning of heat sink cooling areas and filters
      • Operational checks of cooling fans
      • Visual inspections and thermal scans
      • Reviews of fault and warning logs
      • Review of parameter settings
      • Proactive replacement of worn parts
      Tailored PM plans can be developed by Danfoss to suit the product application and scheduled to minimize impact to operational needs. Time and material based pricing is developed based on the drive quantity, service type and frequency, job site location
      and time of day / week scheduling requirements. Contact Danfoss DrivePro® Service for a PM consultation and quotation.

      Other Services

      Danfoss Factory Repairs
      Product repair and reconditioning by Danfoss is available at the Danfoss Drives factories. Troubleshooting and repairs are completed by factory trained technicians. Danfoss genuine parts are utilized. Products are tested to factory specifications before return shipment to the customer. Flat-rate repair pricing is provided for the most popular drive power sizes and configurations to ensure customers are able to quickly make repair vs. replace decisions. Expedited repair service is available to minimize customer down-time. Factory repairs are warranted by Danfoss for 6 months.

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